Why put your Facebook Marketplace listing on CLINK

By Published On: March 30, 2023

In June of 2019 I went looking for a safe and secure website or app that would allow me to rent my construction items to others in my area. To my amazement I couldn’t find such a platform. After much contemplation and consideration, I decided to create one.

You and I are similar. You too, want to turn your idle items into cash generators and this is why you listed your item on Facebook Marketplace. We created CLINK as a specific platform for peer-to-peer construction rentals where you don’t have to worry about collecting payment or protection of the item. CLINK takes care of both of those tasks.

Safety & Security

Safety and security are two of the highest priorities we have at CLINK. We knew that above all else, our users had to feel absolutely confident and comfortable with our ability to provide a platform where their items would be protected.

We have included a feature in our app that requires all Owners and Renters to verify their ID. This ensures that individuals are who they say they are. In the event that a user falls below the 3 star rating standard they are booted from the platform, forever. They aren’t able to sneak back in under a different alias and continue their bad practices. This helps Owners’ level of confidence with the types of renters they are going to encounter on CLINK.

CLINK also provides rental protection for items while they are on rental. In the event that an item is damaged Owners are not responsible to hunt down the renter and draw the money out of them. This is all handled through our claims process and ensures your items remain as they were prior to their rental.

Creating a listing takes less than a minute

We worked hard to create a process of uploading items that would take less than a minute. You can view how to upload a dump trailer, here. Converting your Marketplace listings is quick and easy.

Owners determine the rates & take home they desire

You determine the day/week/month rates that you want to charge on CLINK. We have suggested pricing, but ultimately it is up to you on what you want to make. We earn a 15% platform fee once a rental in placed. You can see in the app what your take home rate will be when you create a listing. This way there isn’t any confusion on what you’ll end up with.

Increase rental possibilities by listing on CLINK & Marketplace

Don’t delete your Marketplace listing. Maintain that bad boy and increase your rental request by also listing it on CLINK. You have nothing to lose and only additional income to gain. We will put more renters in your area in front of your listing. You can get started today by clicking the app links below.

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