Why don’t you have pricing on your website

By Published On: February 28, 2023

Why don’t you have pricing on your website

We are consumed with creating value for those in the construction industry by connecting our users with education, information and opportunities. One of the ways we have looked to create opportunities is through our peer-to-peer construction rental platform. If you visit our website you won’t find pricing for construction rentals readily listed. We don’t do this to hide our prices. Quite the contrary. We want our users to be able to find pricing quickly and precisely. In order to do so they have to have a way to view actual listings relevant to their area. 

That’s why we use an app

We pride ourselves on having created a simple, streamlined, safe, and secure place where owners of construction items can make extra money renting to others in their area. Since we don’t own the items we do not control pricing. This is the first and main reason we don’t have pricing listed on our website. Inventory and pricing will vary based on your location and there isn’t a single, simple way for us to list the price for one particular item. For example, there may be five skid steers in your area and they may all have different day/week/month rates. The owners of those skid steers determine the rates that make sense to them. Therefore, we can’t tell you on our website the day/week/month rate for a skid steer. 

We added examples of a actual listings

To give you an idea of what items and their rates we added examples of actual listings to our website. We pulled that info from different locations and showed you what rates those owners selected. In general we find that rental rates on CLINK are 20% to 50% less that traditional rental shops. 

Why do I have to download an app?

We chose to build an app because it gave us the most flexibility and best user experience from both an owner and renter perspective. Navigating from a browser on a mobile device wasn’t going to give the same quality experience that we believed an app would. An owner can add, update and manage their listings on the same app that they could rent something from someone else. Everything is done on the same app and gives you real-time information and notifications that you otherwise wouldn’t get through a browser experience. 

We too are minimalist 

We also look for things to be easy and minimalist. Adding more layers or ambiguity goes against our operating ethos. We realize downloading an app is an extra step in your daily lives, but if you’re a regular renter we hope the savings on rates will outweigh the time cost of downloading an app. We really have taken great efforts in our app design to keep it streamlined and minimalist.

The app is absolutely free to download and navigate through. Once you download the app you don’t even have to create a profile to view items and pricing in your specific area. Please leave us a comment or question if you have any regarding this aspect of CLINK.


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