Vitamins vs. Painkillers

By Published On: June 28, 2022

Vitamins vs. Painkillers in Marketing

Creating clear and immediately enticing calls to action is key when generating ad copy or website messaging. Whatever your business is you will generate more leads if your messaging is built as a painkiller and not as a vitamin.

What is a “Vitamin”

Vitamins are good and helpful, but consumers are more likely to respond to your product if they know it will kill a pain point and not just supplement their lives. We forget to take our vitamins, but we never forget to take a painkiller.

For us at CLINK a vitamin ad would look something like, “Want to make extra money renting your idle equipment to others in your area?” This is appealing and would surely resonate with a vast majority of our audience. However, it doesn’t address a specific pain point that our users have and leaves the CTA open. Therefore, it most likely won’t be addressed immediately and may even possibly be forgotten. To re-frame this ad copy into a “painkiller” would look something like, “Want an easy way to offset your equipment payment?” With this we have honed in on a pain Owners have and given them enticing bait to clink (yes, we substitute click with clink). 

What is a “Painkiller”

Painkiller copy doesn’t need to be using scare tactics. You need to write ads in a way that specifically addresses pain points in your user’s life and then gives them enough bait to want to learn more. You can insert this messaging throughout your sales process starting with your ads and website and then filtering them through to the estimate submission, project execution, billing, warranty and follow up.

The important part for your business is to be aware of what pain points your customers experience and to address them throughout the entire service lifespan. Don’t just be a supplement to your clients, determine to be a painkiller. Use your creativity to figure out how to address and solve your customer’s pain points.

To watch a quick 2 minute video about this topic clink this link.


How can you re-frame your business messaging to be a painkiller for your customers and not just a vitamin?

What do your customers tell you is their biggest issue/problem?

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