Top Software for Creating and Tracking Estimates

By Published On: July 24, 2023

Top Software Solutions for Creating and Tracking Estimates in Construction Companies

In today’s digital age, construction companies can leverage advanced software to streamline their estimating processes, resulting in more accurate and efficient cost projections. From creating detailed estimates to tracking actual expenses, the right software can enhance productivity and improve project profitability. In this blog article, we’ll explore some of the top software solutions that construction companies can use to create and track estimates effectively.

  1. ProEst:

ProEst is a powerful construction estimating software designed to cater to the needs of general contractors, subcontractors, and specialty trades. It offers a user-friendly interface and comprehensive tools for creating detailed estimates. ProEst streamlines the takeoff process, integrates with cost databases, and allows collaboration among team members.

  1. Clear Estimates:

Clear Estimates is an intuitive cloud-based software that simplifies the estimation process for construction professionals. It offers pre-built templates, customizable cost data, and an extensive materials database. The software allows users to quickly generate estimates and track project costs in real-time.

  1. STACK:

STACK is a cloud-based takeoff and estimating software designed to improve accuracy and efficiency. It enables construction companies to perform digital takeoffs, create itemized estimates, and track costs. STACK also integrates with various accounting and project management platforms.

  1. PlanSwift:

PlanSwift is a robust takeoff and estimating software that simplifies the process of creating detailed estimates. It offers digitized takeoffs, customizable templates, and the ability to import blueprints. PlanSwift streamlines the estimation process and helps construction companies save time and reduce errors.

  1. Sage Estimating:

Sage Estimating is a comprehensive software solution that caters to construction businesses of all sizes. It offers powerful features for creating detailed estimates, managing subcontractor quotes, and tracking project costs. Sage Estimating seamlessly integrates with other Sage construction software for a streamlined workflow.

  1. UDA ConstructionSuite:

UDA ConstructionSuite is an all-in-one project management software that includes estimating capabilities. It offers detailed takeoffs, customizable templates, and the ability to create professional proposals. UDA ConstructionSuite allows users to track project costs, change orders, and client communications.

  1. Esticom:

Esticom is cloud-based construction estimating software designed for speed and accuracy. It provides easy-to-use takeoff tools, real-time collaboration, and integration with other business software. Esticom streamlines the estimating process, empowering construction companies to create detailed estimates quickly.

  1. Bid4Build:

Bid4Build is a comprehensive construction estimating and project management software. It offers cost estimating, material takeoffs, and the ability to track actual expenses. Bid4Build is suitable for both small and large construction companies seeking efficient cost control.


Choosing the right software for creating and tracking estimates can significantly enhance the productivity and profitability of your construction company. These top software solutions, such as ProEst, Clear Estimates, STACK, PlanSwift, Sage Estimating, UDA ConstructionSuite, Esticom, and Bid4Build, offer a range of features to streamline the estimating process, improve accuracy, and enable real-time cost tracking. Selecting the software that best aligns with your specific needs and preferences will optimize your construction projects and set your company on a path to success in today’s competitive industry.

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