Top 3 factors to safe breaks

By Published On: April 25, 2023
A lot of truck owners take their braking systems for granted. Your vehicle’s braking system is by far the most important safety feature it has. The ability to slow down and stop at a split second helps to avoid incidents and accidents. Here are the top 3 factors to safe breaks.

1. Brake Pads

There are plenty of brake pads to choose from with different materials and brands but for the best we would pick for these brands.

NRS premium friction
EBC brakes


After you picked your pads for your brake system, the next thing you would want is to change are your rotors.  We recommend to go with drilled/slotted rotors. They are going to help dissipate heat better than non-drilled/slotted rotors. These are some brands come help you make your decision.

Stop tech
EBC Brakes

3. Stainless steel braided line

Lastly, we recommend for you to change out the section of break line.

This section of brake-line adds flexibility to your Braking system. It allows the wheels to turn Left and right and up and down without breaking anything. Over time this line will wear out and allow expansion and contraction to your breaking system. This will make your breaks squishy when you step on them (you know what we mean). Upgrade to a stainless steel braided line and you’ll notice the difference.

Changing your own breaks

For anyone that is somewhat savvy with tools and using their hands, changing your own breaks is possible. Like most things, you can find “how to” videos on Youtube with step-by-step directions.

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