Top 3 best boots for contractors

By Published On: April 10, 2023

Contractors are on their feet all day working hard for the money. Statistics show that 98% of contractors wear boots. Since we are contractors too, we wanted to find out which boot brands are the most popular. Here is a list of the top 3 best boot brands for contractors in 2023.

Why it’s important

The foundation is critical to the overall well being of any structure. Your feet are the foundation of your body so what you put on them will dramatically impact your entire body. Look at any older contractor and you will see the wear and tear the industry has placed on them. They are probably hunched over complaining of sore knees and backs. Wearing great boots may not help your wallet in the short-term, but it will definitely play a significant role on your body in the long-term.

Another key reason to invest in good construction footwear is that it can help prevent accidents. As a contractor you risk falling, slipping and damage to your feet everyday. Having a proper boot can nearly eliminate these risks and keep you productive on the job.

Boot #1 – Red Wings

This brand is known for making exceptionally high-quality boots that last a very long time. They have a higher price tag, but the materials used and construction techniques applied to create these boots are well worth the investment. If you’ve been in construction for any amount of time you have seen these boots on the job site. They are worn by many.

You can expect to pay between $200 to $400 for a pair of Red Wings. However, this isn’t a purchase that you are going to make more than once every two years. If you take care of your boots, oil them frequently and get the soles replaced there is no reason you can get two years out of these outstanding boots.

Recommended Red Wing Boot – 6-inch Classic Moc

Red Wing boots“The 6-inch Classic Moc is synonymous with Red Wing Heritage. The boot’s unmistakable moc toe and Traction Tred outsole form a timeless silhouette, and a split reverse storm welt provides added water resistance. Elevate the look using the secondary leather lace that comes with this style.”

Price $329.99

Boot #2 – Timberland Pro

Timberland is, perhaps, one of the most influential brands of the bunch. The company was first established in 1918 when they got their start making boots for hunters and explorers. By 1956 they began their insertion into the construction industry when they developed the first waterproof boots on the market.

The Timberland Pro series is another job site staple. You will find a lower price tag for Timberland word boots compared to Red Wing. Timberlands range from $125 to $260.


timberland construction boot“Our field-tested Hypercharge men’s work boots are built for agility, comfort, and protection, so you can perform to your highest level without worrying about your feet.”

Price $170.00


Boot #3 – Keen

Keen is the new kid on the block. The company was founded in 2003 in Portland, Oregon by Martin Keen and Rory Fuerst. Keen is a mission driven company that strives to give back with every shoe and boot they sell. Their boots are built to last longer which in turn helps reduce the amount of waste deposited into our environment.

Recommended Keen boot – Men’s Cincinnati 6″ Boot

keen work boot“The Cincinnati 6” soft toe wedge introduces lightweight comfort into a classic Goodyear welted style. Our air-infused KEEN Luftcell midsole provides unbeatable, long-lasting comfort and an EH-rated rubber outsole gives optimal abrasion and slip resistance.”

Price $200.00

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