Toolbox Talk: Rollover Protection

By Published On: November 29, 2022

Rollover Protective Structures

Subpart W – 1926.1000

What Is It?

A Rollover Protective Structure (aka Roll Cage) is the metal enclosure that protects the operator on a piece of mobile equipment. These structures protect the operator from potentially fatal roll over accidents, as well as “Struck By” and “Caught Between” incidents. As mentioned in the Focus Four.

This subpart applies to 7 types of material handling equipment: 

(1)All rubber-tired, self-propelled scrapers; (2) Rubber-tired front-end loaders; (3) Rubber-tired dozers; (4) Wheel-type agricultural and industrial tractors; (5) Crawler tractors; (6) Crawler-type loaders; (7) Motor graders with or without attachments.

Agricultural and industrial tractors used in construction shall be equipped with rollover protective structures that meet the minimum performance standards as well. 

Who Needs To Know This?

Employers and Operators who use any of the seven kinds of equipment listed above should familiarize themselves with the specific standards and these dates:

  • Equipment manufactured before July 15, 2019 shall be equipped with rollover protective structures that meet the minimum performance standards prescribed in 1926.1001(b)

Essentially stating the structure must be capable of supporting the weight of the machine, from multiple different angles simulating a roll over. And the dimensions for the operator.

All manufacturers must meet a criteria set by the ISO (International Organization for Standardization.)



To ensure the ROPS meets the tested criteria it shall have the following information permanently affixed to the structure:

  • Manufacturer or fabricators name and address
  • ROPS model number (if applicable) 
  • Machine make, model, or series number that the structure is designed for (i.e. bolt on kits)

Employer Responsibilities

  • Train workers on safe operation before work begins and annually
  • Replace ROPS if an overturn occurs 
  • Inspect regularly for damages

Operator / Worker Responsibilities

  • Securely fasten seat belt
  • Do not carry passengers
  • Drive slowly near ditches, slopes, standing water, and slippery surfaces
  • Watch for overhead clearance, some ROPS limit your sight lines
  • Do not use the ROPS as attachment points for towing or rigging

A Rollover Protective Structure only works when the operator stays inside. The use of a seatbelt is required, and no other passengers can ride on the machine unless it is designed to do so.



1926.602(a)(2)(iii) – Seat belts need not be provided for equipment which does not have ROPS or adequate canopy protection.

This is so the operator can jump off and away in case of a roll over.


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