Tips For Renting Equipment

By Published On: July 15, 2022

Tips For Renting Equipment – Knowing What’s A Tool & What’s Not!

When starting a construction or DIY project, there are so many things to consider. Among the most important factors is the tools & equipment you will need to complete the job. Rather than purchasing all the required equipment outright, you may want to consider renting instead – that’s where CLINK comes in. It will save you a lot of green in the short term and provide flexibility with budgeting as your project progresses.

This blog post will discuss a few items you can’t rent from CLINK unless you know exactly what you need for the job.

Unrentable Tools From CLINK

Tool & equipment rentals are convenient because you budget for only the time period you will need them for. However, you need to understand the scope of what counts as construction & work tools & what is just accessories and supplies that a depot would stock better.

Here are some things folks confuse with construction equipment and won’t find on a tool rental app. Stick around with CLINK to find out!

1. Office Furniture & Supplies

One of the essential things in any reno, remodel, or construction project is to have a comfortable and functional command room for officiating operations onsite. It means having the right office furniture & stationery for your needs – if one wants to be ostentatious. But even more important is to have the right equipment on hand. So, if you were looking for office supplies & furniture, a tool rental app is not a supplies marketplace!

2. Computers & Accessories

Suppose you have a project that involves technological & smart machines like computers, graphic tablets, storage devices & other peripherals. In that case, a tool & equipment app might not be the best solution for the job. Or, you can contact our customer services to gauge whether we can assist with your requirements.

3. Office Equipment

Office furniture & stationery are one thing, but the equipment is a whole other category that can still be sourced from an appropriate shop or an electronics store. So, if you want a Xerox machine or shedders, then a tool rental app is not the place to get these items.

However, suppose you have just ordered a bulk of office equipment. In that case, you can rent a mover to transport the payload to your office premises via our app!

4. Passenger Vehicles

With construction projects, transport class vehicles are a must to carry raw materials, scaffolding, sensitive machines & even minor earth-moving equipment to the site. While a tool & equipment rental app can cater to all these niches, it is still not an auto dealership & hence the unavailability of passenger-class vehicles.

Ending Note

So, what are you waiting for – the clouds have lifted & you know your tools now – get started renting tools today!

You might definitely not be able to get a mahogany office desk on a tool rental app. However, CLINK is still an excellent resource for laying the cornerstone for a construction project. You will save money and have the flexibility to change your tool arsenal as your project grows and changes.

And don’t forget – if you need any help renting equipment & tips on operating it optimally, be sure to download the app – available on both Apple & Google Play Store. You can rent peer-to-peer tools from people in Florida, Michigan, and Texas.

We hope this blog post has helped give you a little insight into the world of tool rental – happy renting!

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