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Who uses CLINK

Not every customer is your customer. This is a revelation that every business must grasp to excel. This article explains who uses CLINK and why. Clarifying your ideal customer We believe it is critical of any business to define who their ideal customer is. We talked more at [...]

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What if I rent something out and it gets damaged

This is the number one question we get from prospective Owners. We knew very early on that we would have to come up with a solution that would fully protect items and give Owners absolute confidence that their items would be taken care of.  We didn’t reinvent the [...]

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Payment & Protection Using CLINK

Make money renting your construction items to others in your area As contractors we went looking for a platform that would give us the opportunity to make money renting our idle tools & equipment out to others in our area. When we couldn't find such an app or [...]

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