Strong Links in your Chain

By Published On: November 9, 2022

Build a strong chain (network)

We believe in surrounding ourselves with high caliber individuals and companies. We believe that the stronger your network chain is, the stronger you as an individual and company will be. 

We started CLINK as two contractors that wanted to grow a strong and thriving business. We didn’t want to create a platform that simply provided a single resource or opportunity. We wanted to build a community of like minded individuals that could support one another and help each other find what they needed to complete their projects. 

CLINKs (Construction-Links)

CLINK started as a peer-to-peer construction rental app and as our community continues to grow, we are continuing to look for ways to add value to your business and create more opportunities for you. We have begun to build a contractor directory of businesses so that you can be seen more and so that you can find other partners in the construction industry. When we were running our construction companies we were constantly looking for subcontractor partners in our area. We found it difficult to search, vet and connect with those we needed. These Clinks (Contractor-Links) were created so that connections could be made quicker and easier within our industry. 

Get listed on the CLINKs directory

You can find this growing list of contractors on our website under “Find A Contractor.” If you’d like to be listed in your area you can fill out this quick form here and one of our team members will follow up with you. We look forward to partnering with you and your business!


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