Send small bursts of value to your clients

By Published On: March 10, 2023

Now that you have a CRM (read “What’s the Preferred CRM for construction companies”)

Once you have a digital version of your CRM your next step will be to leverage it to create more value for your potential and past clients. By digital version of a CRM, we mean a CSV file, spreadsheet or online database such as HubSpot or MailChimp

Give your clients frequent bursts of value 

We believe that you must stay in front of your clients on a frequent basis. How frequently will depend on your specific business and the clients your serve. The key to all of this is that you are extending value. We have a tendency to think people think about us. It’s not true, especially with your clients. Your clients are thinking about themselves . Why is this important to understand as you create your touches? Because however you decide to reach out to your clients, it must be done in a way that is centered and focused on bringing them value.

When dating, don’t talk about yourself 

Effective advertising and marketing is not getting a billboard and placing your name, motto, logo and list of services. People spend their days thinking about what they want and need. The more effectively you can give others what they want and need, the stickier your message will be. Your brand colors and logo do not extend meaningful value to your clients. Only when value is exchanged do you build report and memory points with your clients. Without memory points, your brand color means zilch and gets washed away with all the rest of prospects. However, if you have continually and consistently provided value for your customers then your brand will stand out and hold a meaningful place in the hearts of your clients.

Small bursts of value

We use the Old McDonald approach to extending small bursts of value, E-I, E-I-O. Education, information and offerings are ways to stay in touch and in front of your clients. A few very simple ones that I can come up with for the construction industry are:

  • Send reminders every quarter to change air filters
  • Product reviews for new home goods/fixtures
  • Offer a referral bonus

You will extend this value in a series of 7-12 “touches” over the course of a year. Spend time as a team thinking of several ways you can bring your clients value through education, information and offerings. 

One of the biggest mistakes we see construction companies make is to not reach out and touch base with their clients on a regular basis. They complete a project, collect the final payment and leave to never check in or connect again. You should view your past clients as your future clients that won’t cost you any marketing or advertising dollars to acquire. They are already aware of who you are and the caliber work you do. Chances are they will need you again, but too often we as contractors allow ourselves to be forgotten by not maintaining a relationship after we complete a project. 

Ask your past clients for referrals

Another reason to maintain an ongoing relationship with your past clients is to ask for referrals. We believe you should look to extract 1-5 referrals from every client. When’s the last time you sent out an automated message to your past clients asking for warm introductions to their friends and family? 

How to send automated emails

We did an entire article on How to send automated emails (construction business). Once you create your 7+ touches, read this next article on how to send the EIO to your clients.

For additional reading on this topic check out our article “Where do I start marketing my construction company.”

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