Saving And Making Bucks Through CLINK!

By Published On: May 27, 2022

Saving And Making Bucks Through CLINK!


CLINK is an online tool renting service that allows you to rent out tools and other equipment from reputed contractors. Using this versatile handyman platform, you can rent out your tools or rent them yourself. And not just that, but you get to save a lot of bucks that would go wasted at Target or Home Depot!


CLINK is perfect for:

  • People who have unused tools and equipment
  • People who need to rent a tool or piece of equipment
  • People who want to save or make some extra money!


How To Save Money With CLINK?

Have you ever needed a power drill to hang some pictures but didn’t want to buy one because you knew you would only use it once? What about renting a kayak for a weekend trip upstate? Or how about renting a party bus for your friend’s bachelor party? CLINK connects you with people in your area who are renting out tools, equipment, and recreational items to get whatever you need without spending a lot of money on something you’ll only use once.


How to Make Money on CLINK?

Not only can you save money by renting from CLINK, but you can also make money! If you have a bunch of stuff taking up space in your basement or garage, why not rent it out & earn some extra cash? It’s easy to list your items on CLINK, and you can set your prices and rental terms. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for CLINK today and start saving (and making) money!


Pros Of Renting Out Items On CLINK:

  • Making money is very easy; you just have to list items you already own
  • It’s easy to list your items on CLINK – the app is user-friendly
  • You can set your own rental prices and terms


Cons Of Renting Out Items On CLINK:

  • You will have to communicate with renters to coordinate rentals
  • You may have to deal with damage or late returns
  • Renting out items requires some effort on your part


Get Paid for Referrals

The CLINK app makes it easy to get paid for referrals- simply create a profile, go to the Your Profile page and click the Invite Friends button. Share your referral code with family and friends you think would enjoy using the CLINK app, and you’ll receive 10% of their first rental fee. There’s no limit to how many referrals you can make, so start sharing today!


With the CLINK referral program, everyone wins- you get paid for spreading the word about our great app, and your friends get to experience the convenience of CLINK for themselves.


CLINK is the perfect solution for busy people who need to rent tools and equipment. See how the process works on CLINK!


With CLINK, you can save time and money by renting the tools and equipment you need without going through a middleman. Simply download the app, choose the tool or equipment you need, and book it when you need it. It’s that easy!


Whether you’re a busy contractor who needs a ladder for a day or a homeowner who needs a power washer for a weekend project, CLINK has you covered. You can also make money by renting out stuff and also get paid for referrals.


So why wait? Download CLINK from App Store or Google Play Store now!

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