Payment & Protection Using CLINK

By Published On: November 8, 2022

Make money renting your construction items to others in your area

As contractors we went looking for a platform that would give us the opportunity to make money renting our idle tools & equipment out to others in our area. When we couldn’t find such an app or website, we decided to create it. We understood that simplicity was key in building an app for contractors. Two other factors that we centered our platform around we secure payments and protecting Owners’ items while they are on rental.

Secure Payments

Anyone can rent their items out on Facebook Marketplace, but one thing that most have found challenging is getting renters to pay for rental extensions or damages. We created CLINK to remove the burden for Owners to have to hunt down and collect payments from their renters. Payments are done through Stripe directly in the app and then distributed to the Owner’s account once the rental is fulfilled. If a rental goes beyond the original date, the renter’s card is charged for additional days and the Owner doesn’t find themselves having to worry about extracting more money from the renter–we do it for you.

Rental Protection

It’s critical that CLINK upholds it’s standard of being a platform that protects it’s Owners’ items. The predominate way that we do this is by verifying the item’s condition at the point of drop off and then again at pickup. Both the Renter and the Owner will take photos before & after and upload them to the app. This verifies physical condition of the items throughout the rental period. If there is a dispute once the item is returned then the Owner can file a claim for review by CLINK. Once the claim is approved, payment for repair or replacement is made to the Owner.

Start Making Money

If you have idle equipment and you’d like to start making money renting it out to others in your area, click the links below to download the app. Once you download the app, create a profile and begin uploading your inventory. Here’s a quick video on how to upload items.

If you have any questions about CLINK, feel free to email our CEO, Steve at





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