Nationwide peer-to-peer construction rental app

By Published On: April 25, 2023

You can now use the CLINK Construction Rental app nationwide! Since we first launched our app to two select cities back on November 9, 2020 we have been building to this moment. The CLINK app is now offering service in all 50 US states. 

Why did we wait over two years to go nationwide

When we first started CLINK it was important to us to be able to control and maintain the user experience. In the beginning we had several manual functions that weren’t manageable on a large scale. Initially we built a minimal app and looked to gain feedback from our current users. We used this learning to enhance and upgrade the app to what we have today. We are far from finished building, but we are to a point where we feel confident that we can begin to serve nationwide with the level of excellence our customers expect. 

Our process 

We view CLINK’s role in this partnership as one that helps facilitate safe and secure transactions between equipment owners and renters. CLINK provides payment collection and distribution for its owners. We also provide rental protection for all items while they are on rental. With these two major factors covered by CLINK, the owner is assured that they are able to comfortably make extra money on their idle items. 

When an owner uploads their items we immediately put them in front of hundreds of renters in their area. Owners on CLINK have been making upwards of tens of thousands of dollars each year. On the other side, renters have enjoyed savings of 20% to 50% on rental rates compared to the likes of Sunbelt and United Rentals. 

Rent securely on CLINK 

Security on CLINK starts at the time a profile is created. You not only have to verify your phone number, but you are also required to verify your ID. This is a requirement we knew would raise some questions. It’s not for our sake that we verify IDs; it’s for the benefit, safety and security of all of our users. You know that the standard of individuals on CLINK is going to be higher than any other P2P platform. 

Reviews and ratings

Users on CLINK are required to maintain at least a 3 star review rating. If an individual falls below that they are removed from the platform; forever. Since we validate phone numbers and IDs they are unable to sneak in under an alternative name. 

Updated check in and check out process 

One of the features we have been fine tuning is the check in and check out process. We didn’t want to overbuild this step of the rental process. It was critical to keep the app as simple as possible. As it stands we give both the owner and renter the opportunity to upload pictures before and after the rental. This helps validate the pre and post condition of the items which adds another layer of quality on the platform. 

We look forward to being your construction link (c-link)

We are excited to open up our services to the rest of the country. Please reach out to us by either texting an inquiry to (855) 529-7354 and we will get back with you. You can also email me, Steve (CEO) at 

We love the construction industry and we look to do our part to add value to it as a whole. Thanks for considering our partnership. Let’s go! 

Download the CLINK app on iOS 

Download the CLINK app on Android

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