I Want to List My Equipment

I Want to List My Equipment2023-08-29T06:20:32-04:00

Welcome to the host help center!

We pulled together a few of our key articles for you. These should answer a lot of the questions you have about renting your tools and equipment out to complete strangers.

Being a P2P host is not for everyone, but if you want to do it, we are here to help. We know the first few rentals will be a little nerve racking, but that extra money in your pocket will be worth it. You’ll catch the flow pretty early on, then it’s easy money from there.

So here is a little homework reading you can go through at your own pace. If you still have questions or concerns after that, please reach out to us via email and we can set up a time to talk it through.

Need Help With Your First Listing?

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