How much is it to rent a dump trailer

By Published On: March 29, 2023

Please for the love of Pete do not overpay for a rental ever again. We have done the work to look at several popular construction rental items and called around to see who has the best price. This article will lay out how much it costs to rent a dump trailer. 

Who we called

This is slightly targeted to those in the NE Florida area, but some of it will apply nationwide. We called Home Depot, Sunbelt, United Rentals, Do It Yourself Rentals, Andy’s Taylor Rental and CLINK to see what they all charge for a dump trailer rental. You can find links to these calls below. 

Prices – Highest to Lowest

United Rentals – $320.86/day  ($974.78/week)

Home Depot – $267.18/day  ($810.54/week)

Andy’s Taylor Rental – $252.05/day  ($756.14)

Sunbelt – $233/day  ($680/week)

Do It Yourself Rentals – $165.85/day  ($598.77/week)

CLINK – $132.50/day  $500.25/week

Why CLINK is the lowest

We consistently find that rental rates on CLINK are lower than anywhere else. The main reason this is the case is because CLINK is a peer-to-peer construction company. This means that the items available for rent are owned by private individuals who chose to rent their items out when they aren’t using them. Since they already own these items, they are able to charge less because to them this is bonus income. 

If you’d like to start making money on your idle dump trailer, check out this article we did on How much can I make renting my dump trailer. 

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