CLINK connects owners of tools & equipment with renters in their area through a simple, easy to use mobile app.

CLINK connects you with others in your area for tool, equipment and recreational rentals. As an owner you can list your items for rent at the rate you choose. As a renter you are able to find the most affordable rates on whatever you need.

CLINK is a peer to peer rental platform that features tools, equipment, recreational, and event items. Once you download the app from either the Google Play or the App Store you will be prompted to created a profile. Once your profile is created you will be able to search available inventory in area. You will also be able to upload any items of yours that you’d like to make available for rent to others in your area.

When creating your inventory you select the amount you want to make for each item. CLINK will take 15% of that rental rate for a platform fee and 3.6% for a transaction fee. In order to ensure that your items remain safe and in the same condition that you lent them out in, we also add on an additional 15% for a rental protection fee. We use this in the event that we have to repair or replace an item. CLINK is the only place where you can host your items and get 100% guarantee that they are protected from damage or it will be replaced.

Rentals are easy and efficient on the CLINK App. You select your item, the amount of time you need it, and then we connect you with the owner so that you both can coordinate the exchange. Most items on CLINK are 20% to 50% less that traditional rental shops. You get the same quality, but at a lower rate. Renters save money on rentals and owners make extra money on idle equipment. We are excited that you found CLINK and we look forward to serving you!

Ever get frustrated with the high, unpredictable rates with those other guys? We did too, so we created a better way. Find what you need 20% to 50% less on the CLINK app.

We all have things around the house or within our businesses that sit idle the majority of the time. CLINK was created by a general contractor who realized he had a lot of value sitting in storage throughout the year. When searching for a place to post his items he couldn’t find anything. CLINK was created to give you a safe, user friendly place to find the best rental rates from others in your area.

Since the owners of these items are simply looking for an additional revenue stream and because they don’t have the overhead that traditional rental shops, they are able to offer their items at a discounted rate. This discount gets passed to you the renter.

Download the app today and start saving on your rentals!

Add items to your inventory and allow others in your area to rent them. You choose your rates and we cover the insurance. Your items are fully protected on the CLINK platform.

You own things that spend most of their time up against a wall or in the shed. CLINK was created to give you a place to host those items so that you can start making money on idle tools, equipment, recreational and event items.

We have made it easy for you to create your inventory. We suggest a range for daily, weekly, and monthly rates. You can always go above or below that rate, it’s up to you how much you make. Once a rental request is made you will be notified and connected to the renter for the exchange of the item.

Once the item is returned you will receive your payment. CLINK retains 15% of the rental rate for a platform fee and 3% for a transaction fee. Make sure you keep that in consideration when establishing your rates.

Once you create a profile, go to Your Profile page, click Invite friends and share with those you know that would love the CLINK app. We will give you 10% of their first rental. Unlimited referrals possible.

One of the best forms of advertising is word of mouth. We recognize this and we we want to pay you for all of your effort. We have built it into the app that if you share CLINK with anyone you know by either copying the link or sending through a message you will receive 10% of their first rental. It’s a super simple way for you to get paid just for telling others about the awesome app that you found.

The way it works is that you need to go to your Profile page in the app, select Invite Friends and either copy the link or send directly through a message. We track everything on the backend and are able to see once your referrals have completed their first transaction.

How to Get Started



The CLINK app is available in both Google Play and the Apple App Store.



You’ll be asked to put in an address which will determine the inventory you see.



Adding items is quick and easy. We even have suggested pricing to take the guess work out.



From small tools to large excavators, you’ll find what you need to complete your projects and you’ll save money in the process.