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By Published On: March 23, 2023

There is a lot that we could say and talk about when it comes to pricing. Whether it’s discussing why pricing on CLINK is lower than most. Or, how much can I make as an owner. Pricing is one of the most popular topics of any of the articles we have written in our Learning Center. In this article we are going to discuss how pricing works within the CLINK platform. 

Who sets the rates

As a platform we do not set pricing. We do offer “suggested pricing” based upon the specific item you’re uploading, but ultimately it is up to the Owner to determine the rental rate. When an Owner types in “John Deere 325 Skid Steer” the app will automatically categorize that item in the recommended category and listing type. From there a suggested day/week/month price will tabulate based upon the industry average for that item. 

Listing Price

Every rental on CLINK comes with rental protection which ensures Owners that their item is safe on the platform. Transparency and clarity are two important factors for our users so we built the experience to show exactly what would be charged (no hidden fees/add ons). 

When you put in a daily rate for your item you will see a “Listing” price directly to the right. That is the price that Renters will pay when they select your item. That additional 15% RPP is retained by CLINK and used to cover claims made on the platform. 

Take Home

There is one more box to the far right of the day/week/month prices. This box is labeled “Take home” and it’s the amount you as the Owner will make. Again, we want it to be clear from the beginning what you can expect to earn with every rental. You need to know and feel comfortable from the very beginning and we feel this level of clarity on the setup screen helps ensure that. 

CLINK’s Earnings 

With every rental CLINK earns a 15% platform fee. There is also a 3.6% transaction fee that is taken by the payment processing company (not CLINK).

Our partnership & commitment 

At CLINK we believe that people do business with those that believe the same things as them. We believe that there should be a safe and secure platform for owners of construction items can make extra money renting their idle items to others in their area. We also believe that these interactions should be simple, especially for our industry. 

Everything we build we do so with the small to medium sized contractor in mind. We are committed to connecting you with opportunities, education and information that will elevate your business.

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