How Does A Renter Get My Item?

By Published On: September 1, 2021

One of the most frequently asked questions we get: “How do they get my item and how do I get it back?” Though it would be nice if they renter picked it up and brought it back, that wont always be the case, especially if your item is very large. As the host (owner) you will need to be a little bit flexible, and also see the value in your efforts.

The value in my efforts?? We’ve made the process very easy in the app by including all of the logistical information in the rental request. The efforts that our app cannot do for you is getting the equipment ready and doing the physical hand-off. There will be a bit of work to make your rental experience happen. There may be some back and forth with the renter to confirm both parties are ready and confirm the location/time. Or setting up a delivery service, to that extent, it is important to price your equipment properly to make the experience worth it.

Optional Delivery/Pick-Up

The renter has the option to select Delivery and/or Pick-Up with each rental. As the host, it is important for you to have your options clearly spelled out in your product listing so the renter knows if they need to select Delivery or not. For example:

  • Heavy Equipment might say “Delivery Required”
  • Light Equipment might say “Requires 3/4 Ton Truck with electric brakes”
  • Or a simple power tool might say “Free Delivery within 10 miles”

Renter Pick-Up

This is the easiest option. Using our in-app messaging feature, confirm your location and time. No extra charges, no special trips, just your item getting picked up for work.

Delivery (Owner Drop Off)

There might be items the owner has to deliver like a dumpster or heavy equipment. May be as an owner you don’t want others to move your things around. Or, you want your items rented with a great experience so you offer delivery. Whatever the reason, you have two options when listing your items on the app.

  • Free Delivery – Simple, on the line for “Delivery Fee” you type in $0.00. It is important to write in your listing description any stipulations you may have so this doesn’t get out of hand (i.e. Free Delivery within 10 miles, weekends only, M-F after 4pm, etc.)
  • Delivery With Fee – You chose a dollar amount. If its a simple item like a hammer drill consider a small amount to cover your time/fuel. Some items require a flat bed truck or special accommodations at a much higher rate.

Third Party Delivery Options

Your running late and cannot make the delivery yourself, or you cant leave the shop unattended. You could consider a 3rd party option like Uber, Lyft, Roadie, or a local service dedicated to moving equipment.

Uber/Lyft/Roadie – For about $25 you can send almost anything that will fit in a common passenger vehicle on a crowd-source platform. This does complicate things a bit for yourself, and remember these are drivers not professional movers, so you will need to load and have someone there to unload heavy items.

Private Service (Flat Bed, Box Truck, or Low Boy Semi) – This is definitely the route to go if you need to move large equipment. A local towing service with flat bed trucks can move anything from man lifts to skid steers, heck one time I had them take a boat on a busted trailer. If you own large construction equipment I’m sure you have someone on file, so you already know the call off rates to use as your delivery fee.

Suggest A Convenient Central Location

Don’t make it feel like a burden or safety issue for either party. If you don’t want the renter(s) to see your shop, storage yard, personal house, it is perfectly acceptable to meet at a Home Depot parking lot. This is construction equipment after all so they should know where that store is. Wherever you decide to meet, make sure it keeps the process convenient for both parties. This community thrives when it is cost effective, convenient, and reliable.

You Can Make It Work

I worked hard for someone else for many years, so I know I can work hard for myself too. My final thought for this article comes from the weekly conversation I have with my father when I try to explain peer-to-peer rentals, and all of the unused tools that sit in his garage.

“What if they ask for this while I’m at work, I’m not going to leave my job in the middle of the day to give someone a saw” – dad

My response every time: No one is asking you to leave your work to do that. If someone requests your saw in the middle of the day and you are busy, message the user that you are not available until “x:00” and they will either agree to the new time or move along to a different option. This service is a luxury for you to make some extra money from tools that sit in your garage while you’re at work all day, and a convenience for the renter looking for something local and less expensive. Most of our requests are for next day use, so you have plenty of time to make it work. Every saw, ladder, and drill in your garage has the potential to be a lunch, dinner, or round of golf.

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