Creating a Google Profile

By Published On: June 30, 2022

Creating a Free Google Profile

As contractors we often got into the weeds of a business because we liked to swing the hammer, work outside, or physically see a project come together. More times than not we didn’t have the business or technical savvy necessary to help our businesses grow to the potential they are capable of. As one of those hands on contractors, I want to tell you about what we’ve learned in growing our business so that you too can accelerate your potential and reach new levels. 

Why Make a Profile

An easy and necessary step that any business should take is to create a free Google Business Profile. This enables you to be seen on Google Maps, searches, and receive reviews from your customers. The initial setup for this profile takes a few minutes, even with limited tech skills. You can get started by visiting this link

What Goes into a Profile

Initially you will input all of your business details (business name, address, service areas, services, hours, website, phone number) and a detailed description. The address you add to your profile should be your office location, and place that you feel comfortable making public for others to see. If you work from a home offices, it is fine to add your home address to your profile so long as you are good with your customers knowing that location. 

You can add a logo which we highly recommend as a simple way to set yourself apart from others in your industry. If you don’t have a logo image created yet you can learn how we did it by reading our article “Creating Artwork for a Construction Business”. Also, be sure to save your logo image to your phone so you can easily reference and add it to your social or business profiles. 

Verified Address

The value of having a verified address on your Google profile is that you will show up on the map searches. If you don’t have a verified address you won’t show up at the top of the page where the map listings are and you will be limited to only being visible on the links below. 

To verify your address you will clink the button at the top of your profile screen that reads, “Verify address.” Google will send a postcard to that address with a code that you’ll then input.

What’s Next?

Now that you have a profile created and address verified, you can set it and forget it–you have accomplished more than most. However, if you’d like to boost your listing and appear higher on the search results, you can follow the step we lay out in our article “Boost your Google Profile.”


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