Create a Company Calendar

By Published On: September 16, 2022

Every valuable personal and business date in one place

Remembering and recognizing important dates are two ways to elevate and appreciate those around you. When someone signs up to work in your company they are becoming a part of your team. Now, your team may be one that hangs out outside of work and does lots of extracurricular activities, or it may be one that is strictly business and employees don’t do anything together outside of work. Regardless, you want to have a system in place where everyone is on the same page with key dates in the business and in one another’s personal lives. 

What dates to include

Key dates in the business would include things like weekly meetings/check-ins, Vision Day (we do ours the 4th Friday of every month), quarterly reviews, personnel reviews, quarterly/yearly planning, annual letter, finance review, team offsites, etc. Whatever your company has decided to set in place will be listed on this calendar. Key personal dates would be birthdays, anniversaries, workiversaries, children’s birthdays, scheduled vacations, and so on. 

Where do we post in?

We have this file saved on our shared drive so that anyone can check a date at any time. We also go over the current week and upcoming week’s Company Calendar dates at all of our Weekly Kicker meetings. This keeps everyone on the same page and makes us aware as to what’s coming up. 

We will send you a [blank] copy to get you started

This isn’t a complicated implementation. However, it is something that is overlooked in the vast majority of businesses. We have a blank template we can send you if you fill out the form at the end of this article. It will ask for your name and email. Once we get it, one of our team members will send you a copy via email. We did the work for you so that all you have to do is fill in your blanks and update it as your business grows.

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