Contractors looking for more free time & passive income

By Published On: April 11, 2023

If you’re a contractor and you’re looking for more free time & passive income this will take you less than a minute to get started. The goal for most construction business owners is to build a business that will create a healthy income along with the freedom to conduct your own schedule. You most likely picked construction because it was an industry that you were familiar with. Now that you’re vested in your business, we want to tell you another way that as a contractor you can create more free time and passive income using CLINK.

Turn your idle equipment into passive income 

Over the years you have acquired the inventory of a small hardware store. There have been tools you purchased for specific jobs that now sit in the back of the trailer or storage. You only pull them out a few times a year, but beyond that they sit idle collecting dust. 

CLINK was created specifically for those tools and equipment. CLINK was founded in 2019 by a general contractor in Florida that wanted to turn his idle investments into passive income. Over the years the platform has grown into a nationwide app that allows owners to upload their items and select their daily/weekly/monthly rates. CLINK takes care of collecting payment for the Owners along with protecting the items while they are on rental. This gives you the comfortability to earn an additional passive income without having to make any additional investments. 

How much can I make

The amount of passive income you can make on CLINK depends on the amount and kinds of items you upload to the app. The bigger and more rare the items you put on CLINK, the more they will rent. There are several owners that make $1,000+ per month. 

How to get started

The CLINK Construction Rental app is absolutely free to download and get started. It doesn’t cost you anything to upload your item and make it available to renters in your area. CLINK doesn’t earn anything until you complete a rental. 

Uploading an item takes less than a minute. We provide you with suggested pricing so you don’t have to guess what you should list it for. In summary, we work hard to make it easy for you to increase your passive income. 

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