CLINK’s Drill Bit Maintenance For The Tool Renter

By Published On: May 18, 2022

CLINK’s Drill Bit Maintenance For The Tool Renter


You know how crucial a drill is if you’ve ever done house maintenance, office repairs, or DIY tasks. However, a drill is useless unless you have the correct type and size of drill bits in your toolkit.


Drill bits punch holes in various materials, including harder materials like brick, concrete, metal, fiberglass, and softer materials like plastic, vinyl flooring, tile, and multiple types of wood.


It’s no secret that drill bits get dull quickly due to speed, pressure, and torque strain. When you’re a tool owner or renter, it’s essential to know about drill bit maintenance for them to last as long as possible.


CLINK will discuss the best ways to keep your drill bits sharp and functioning properly in this blog post. Follow these tips, and you’ll be able to save money on drill bit damage to rented pieces!


1. Sharp Your Drill Bits:

Sharpening your drill bits can help them last longer and keep their edges precise.

Sharpening your drill bits can help them last longer and keep their edges precise.  You can sharpen your drill bit with a drill sharpener, a grindstone jig, or an oilstone. All of these sharpening products are available at home improvement and hardware stores and online.


When drill bits aren’t sharp enough, what happens? Due to the hard metals, they’re continuously drilling through, and tiny, small drill bits can get dull with repeated usage. This can cause the bit’s main cutting edges to wear out, making drilling more difficult and time-consuming. Dull bits might also lead to mishaps and errors, damaging your materials or yourself!


2. Clean Your Drill Bits:

Cleaning your drill bits with a dry towel every 10 to 15 minutes is a good idea. Never allow your drill bit to become too hot. Not cleaning your drill bit and operating nonstop might cause it to overheat, causing debris to develop, damaging or scraping your drill bit.


3. Choosing The Appropriate Drill Bits:

You must use the proper drill bit for it to last as long as possible. Drill bits are available in various materials, coatings, lengths, and sizes. This is why it’s critical to know which drill bit will best fit the drilling job you are doing. Using the proper drill bit will make your job more efficient, and your bits will not be harmed.


4. Allowing The Drill Bit To Cool After Drilling:

After drilling, allowing the drill bit to cool is vital in the maintenance procedure. This helps you to keep the tool’s integrity intact. Wipe the drill bit with a clean, dry cloth.


5. Proper Storage:

Drill bits should be kept dry and clean. Avoid damp surroundings since this might cause the drill bit to corrode.


Drill bit maintenance will help you rent out your tools via CLINK and make money. But if you don’t have drill bits, we have got you covered. We make renting tools simple by linking tool renters with tool owners in Michigan, Florida, and Texas via a user-friendly smartphone app.


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