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By Published On: August 11, 2022

Our mission with CLINK is to add value in the construction industry by connecting individuals and companies like yours with opportunities, education and information that will help grow your business. This new contractor search feature is going to allow you to:

1. Gain more exposure and visibility in the marketplace. 

2. Give you a resource to find and connect with other contractors in your area. 

3. Give you resources that you can use to implement systems and protocols within your business. 

Our plans are to continue to add onto this feature with additional complementary functions. These will be introduced gradually and systematically over the next 12 months or so. We will make you aware of their potential for adding value for your business once they launch. 

In the meantime we recommend you continue to build your online presence by making sure you’ve done these two simple steps:

Step 1: Share your CLINK profile 

Share your CLINK profile with as many people you know and ask them to give you a rating and review. The more people that view your page and leave reviews the more visible you will be in local search results. When visitors see your profile with several great reviews they will be more likely to reach out to have you perform their work. You can find your profile by clinking the button below and then finding your page. We recommend you copy the web address for your profile page and paste it into a text message with a clear message to your sender asking them for a great review. Next, copy and paste that same message to person after person and watch the reviews pour in. 

Step 2: Create a Google profile

Creating your Google profile is another easy way to gain visibility through local searches. Oftentimes contractors don’t do the simple, little things that can make them stand out from their competitors–this is one of those. We have a blog post dedicated to creating a Google profile which you can read by clinking the button below. 

Creating a Google Profile


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