CLINK – The AirBNB of Tool & Equipment Rentals

By Published On: July 19, 2021

The sharing community is growing and we are seeing the P2P model expand into new industries at a frequent rate. The time has arrived for the idle tools & equipment you own to start making you money instead of just collecting dust.

CLINK was created by a contractor who saw his investments stagnant between jobs and went looking for a safe and secure platform that would allow him to rent his items out to others in his area. When he couldn’t find a single website or mobile app he decided he would create it.

CLINK works off of the same premise as AirBNB, VRBO, Turo (car rentals), or any of the other mainstream P2P platform. Owners can upload their tools and equipment on the CLINK mobile app by first downloading the CLINK app in either the App Store or Google Play. Once the app is installed and a profile created users can upload items where suggested day, week and monthly pricing is available. The last major step is to input your payout information via Stripe. Items will not show up for others to view until you input your payout info. The reason for this is so that we know how to pay you ahead of someone renting your item. Your item won’t show up for you to view in the home screen inventory since it’s your item and you won’t be requesting to rent it–we assure you that others can see it as long as you input your payout info.

Once your items are posted for others to view you can start making money on your investments. You always have the ability to decline rental requests for any reason and you won’t be penalized for declining a request. If you accept a rental you will then connect with the Renter to through the app to pin down a time and place to exchange the item. If the Renter didn’t pay for delivery and/or pickup it will be their responsibility to come to you to pick up and drop off the item. If you put in a delivery and pick up fee and they paid for that, then you will get the time and location for delivery and bring it to them.

Once the rental is fulfilled and the item is back in the Owners possession, the transaction will be closed and the payout to the Owner will be initiated. CLINK retains 15% of the rental fee (3% transaction fee and 12% platform fee). The Owner will keep 85% of day/week/monthly rate that they list.

The main advantage for Renters is that they can often get the same tools and equipment that they would otherwise get from the traditional rental shops at a 20% to 50% discount. The advantage for Owners is that they can make extra money on things they already own. We are excited to continue to build out this platform to make CLINK everything you’d want it to be to enhance your tool and equipment rental experience.

CLINK–Your connection to a completed project!

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