Strong Links in your Chain

Build a strong chain (network) We believe in surrounding ourselves with high caliber individuals and companies. We believe that the stronger your network chain is, the stronger you as an individual and company will be.  We started CLINK as two contractors that wanted to grow a strong and [...]

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Payment & Protection Using CLINK

Make money renting your construction items to others in your area As contractors we went looking for a platform that would give us the opportunity to make money renting our idle tools & equipment out to others in our area. When we couldn't find such an app or [...]

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Tips For Renting Equipment – Knowing What’s A Tool & What’s Not!

When starting a construction or DIY project, there are so many things to consider. Among the most important factors is the tools & equipment you will need to complete the job. Rather than purchasing all the required equipment outright, you may want to consider renting instead – that's [...]

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