Can you patch a dump trailer tire

By Published On: April 28, 2023

If you own a dump trailer, guaranteed you have encountered a flat due to some nail or screw. If you haven’t yet, you will and this article will help you save hundreds of dollars. Contrary to what some trailer and tire shops will tell you, you can patch a 10 ply dump trailer tire. 

They said, “You can’t patch a 10 ply tire.”

Dump trailers are one of the most common items rented on CLINK. With this, we encounter a lot of damage claims for flat tires. In our early days of ignorance we thought we had to replace the tire altogether. We thought this because we went to our local trailer shop and they told us, “You can’t patch a 10 ply tire.” Well, we took that to the bank and from that point on continued to fork out $250 every time we needed to replace a tire. Great for their business, bad for ours. 

Better Advice

Eventually, someone came along and gave us better information. We are hoping to now pass that along to you. Whether it’s laziness, absolving liability, or they just want to up sell you, you may hear from tire shops that they can’t/won’t patch your 10 ply (or greater) tire. 

Go to someone that says they CAN

If there is a Discount Tire around you, take your tire to them. As long as the puncture isn’t in the side wall and there isn’t any other issue with the hole, they can and will patch it. 

You can also get replacements if necessary at Discount Tire. Along with that initial purchase you can also buy insurance on the tire (watch this video). In the event that a puncture cannot be repaired the insurance will kick it and they will replace your tire without you having to fork out another $250. 

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