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Toolbox Talk: Is First Aid Training Required?

Is First Aid Training Required? There are countless workplaces around the world that require First Aid training. It makes a lot of sense that workers in Health Care, Emergency Response, or even Schools should know First Aid. These professions are meant to take care of other people. But [...]

By |2023-03-20T20:09:17-04:00March 20, 2023|Safety Toolbox Talks|

Toolbox Talk: 2022 Most Frequently Cited Violations

Every year OSHA publishes a review of the top 10 most frequently cited serious violations. They run these statistics for three different industries: Construction, General Industry, and Maritime. OSHA's Fiscal Year for this report is from October 1, 2021 through September 30, 2022. It is important to note, [...]

By |2023-03-27T12:26:37-04:00December 20, 2022|Safety Toolbox Talks|

Toolbox Talk: Pump Jack Scaffolding

Pump Jack Scaffolding As mentioned in our Part 1 Scaffolding Toolbox Talk, there are many varieties of working platforms that fall into the category of “Scaffolding”. Another very common type of scaffolding found on a residential construction site is called Pump Jack Scaffolding.  Typically used by Siding installers, [...]

By |2023-03-27T12:39:23-04:00October 31, 2022|Safety Toolbox Talks|
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