About Mark Kenney

Mark Kenney, Co-founder and COO of CLINK. After almost 10 years working as a construction manager for a residential builder in Michigan, I wanted to experience a different side of the construction industry. I have always been fascinated by construction equipment and the hands on aspect of building, it was time to put down the clip board and try something new. So naturally building a mobile app to facilitate a dual sided marketplace comes next. Well, not exactly, but after a career of making connections and working both with and as a contractor it was clear that CLINK would be something special. As a husband and father, my family comes first. I have an amazing and supportive wife Helen and we have two children Stephen and Claire. Along with a construction degree from CMU and 17 year background in construction, Mark also has a Specialist Certificate in Occupational Safety and Health in Construction. He writes most of our ToolBox Talk articles and will be hosting 10 Hour OSHA Outreach trainings.

Toolbox Talk: Severe Weather – Lightning

Severe Weather – Thunderstorms Lightning strikes the U.S. about 25 million times a year, on average striking 400 people. While only a few dozen of those strikes are fatal, the injuries survivors face can be both severe and permanent. If lightning is seen or heard, take protective action [...]

By |2022-05-03T15:15:21-04:00April 26, 2022|Safety Toolbox Talks|
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