8 Marketing Tips for Equipment Owners

By Published On: October 5, 2021

A side hustle, keeping the cash flow going, saving for an upgrade. What ever you want to call it, renting out your items is like a small business. The best part of any business is watching it grow and become profitable. We asked the most successful owners on CLINK to share some of their marketing tips and tricks that keep the investment coming in nice and steady.

1. Physical Advertising

The construction industry is a very “hands on” crowd. The most popular place to be in the morning is the contractor entrance at the building supply store. Placing a “Rent Me” sign on your trailer will definitely turn some heads in the parking lot, especially if you can show your rates.


Signs don’t have to be professionally done either, some neat handwriting and paint would get the conversation started.

2. List your item on local online marketplaces

There are new online forums and marketplaces coming out all the time, and the more popular sites tend to be where renters will check first. Make a listing on a marketplace or forum with reference to find your item on CLINK. We see tons of new users from FB and Nextdoor referrals.

3. Tell your Friends and Family

Fact- If you have tools and equipment, your friends and family have borrowed them in the past and kept them for too long. Next time they ask to borrow your trailer for the weekend, send them our “Invite Friends” message. We will track that as a referral and pay you 10% of their first rental rate.

Friends and Family are also more likely to leave you a glowing review, helping boost your presence on the app.

4. Social Media Posts

Take a quick picture of a rental hand off or what equipment you have available and post it on your social media. Tag us on Facebook and Instagram posts so we can “Like” your posts and help you, help us, help you.

5. Don’t Be Shy

Be neighborly. When you see your neighbors working on a project, go talk to them or their contractor about Jobbox. Tell them what you’ve got available, you never know what one conversation could lead to.

6. Get featured in the CLINK Newsletter

We are always looking for true user stories to publish in our bi-weekly newsletters. We’d love to share your experience and pictures of you making community connections. Reach out to us a info@jobbox.co for a quick interview. Our newsletters go out to all of our current app users, so it is marketing to our existing community while hopefully inspiring others to create listings of their own. They just might have the tool you’ve been looking for.

7. Use a quality photo

We suggest using the manufactures image on a clean white background for your listing. Taking a picture in a poorly lit corner of the garage will not highlight your equipment. If you truly want to use an image of your actual item, make sure it is cleaned and in great lighting.

8. Be Motivated. It’s your fruit to squeeze

Market as hard or as little as you want. If you want to keep your machines moving and pulling in the cash, let everyone know they are available. It is entirely possible for your $150 post auger to pay for itself 3x over in one summer. Find the people that need what you have, and make the connection.

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