7 best dump trailers & how much they cost

By Published On: April 6, 2023

There are several options when it comes to buying a dump trailer. We took a look at 7 of the best dump trailers and how much they cost. All of these are 14′ long with 2′ sides. They all have a G.V.W.R between 14k – 15k. Their general features are all the same with some slight variations in lift systems. We have includes links to each of the manufactures’ websites so that you can do any further studying in regards to their individual specs.

Price – Highest to lowest

Diamond c dump trailer price

Diamond C

Diamond C has a very detailed and great looking dump trailer. They go above and beyond with the little things in regards to their trailer’s appearance. If you’re confident that you’re going to be able to maintain your trailer’s cleanliness then you may want to look at this trailer. In our experience, most dump trailers get banged up and dented in use so function supersedes looks. You can get this 14′ Diamond C dump trailer for around $17,980 per the manufacture’s website.


Maxx-D is another example to a good looking dump trailer. It’s beefy appearance shouts that it is well built trailer that can get the job done. This trailer starts at $14,433 and goes up based on any added features you may want.

maxx-d dump trailer price

sure-trac dump trailer pricePJ dump trailer price


We are familiar with Sure-trac as we have a few owners on CLINK that rent theirs out. This is a sturdy trailer that can take some wear and tear. A 14′ dump trailer with 2′ sides will start you around $14,250.

PJ Trailers – 14′ Dump Trailer

This PJ dump trailer falls right in the middle of the road. All of the same bells and whistles as the others for a price tag of $12,999.

Big Tex Dump Trailer

big tex dump trailer price

If you’re from Texas you’re proud to say so. If you own a Big Tex trailer, you’re also proud to say so. We have had some owners on CLINK that have had minor manufacturing issues with their Big Tex trailers. If you see someone that has this brand ask them how their experience has been. You can get a 14′ Big Tex dump trailer for around $11,299

Kaufman Trailers

We have owned two Kaufman dump trailers Kaufman dump trailer priceand were highly pleased with the bang we got for the buck. The Kaufman dump trailer we are looking at to our right is a 14’x80” heavy duty trailer. It has 24” sides that have the capability to receive sideboards. This Kaufman dump trailer has a G.V.W.R of 15,000 pounds and comes at a price tag of $9,999.

Top Shelf

Top Shelf trailers are natives to NE Florida and that’s why we are familiar with them. You can’t drive around Jax/St. Augustine without seeing a handful of these along the way. They have several customer colors available. These are a cross between sturdy and straight-to-the-point. If you plan on using your dump trailer for tree removal or landscaping and are expecting to dent and dirty your trailer we would recommend this option. It will do everything you need and you won’t have to pay a big dollar to get it on your job site. The 14′ with 2′ sides starts at $9,000 while the 4′ sides is $9,500.

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