6 Tools You Can Easily Rent On CLINK

By Published On: July 6, 2022

6 Tools You Can Easily Rent Up On CLINK Without A Blink!


Have you ever had a project around the house that you needed tools for but didn’t want to go out and devour the money on purchasing a whole set of tools that you might only use once? Or maybe you’re unsure what kind of tool you need for the job. Well, tool rental companies are a great option in this case! You can easily rent up the tools you need without purchasing them outright. Here are six easy-to-rent tools that you can find on Clink. So, get started on your next home project today!

Renting Tools Is Better Than Buying Them: Here’s Why!

There are many grounds over why renting tools is better than buying them. For one, you don’t have to worry about storage. If you’re not using the tools regularly, finding a place to store them in your home can be a pain. With renting, you can return the tools to the rental company when you’re done with them.

Another reason renting is better than buying is that you don’t have to worry about maintenance. With owning your own set of tools, you have to ensure they’re always in good working condition and sharpen or replace parts as needed. The rental company takes care of all that for you when you rent.

Items You Can Rent

  1. Rotary Hammer: A rotary hammer is a powerful tool that can drill holes and drive fasteners into concrete, brick, and other masonry materials. It’s similar to a hammer drill but delivers more hitting power, making it ideal for larger projects.
  2. Floor Stripper: This one’s essential if you’re planning on refinishing your hardwood floors. A floor stripper will remove the old finish quickly and easily, getting your floors ready for their new look.
  3. Power Washer: A power washer is a must if you’re planning on doing any outdoor cleaning this spring. It can clean everything from decks and patios to driveways and siding. Just make sure you use it safely and don’t damage any surfaces.
  4. Chainsaw: A chainsaw is a great tool to have on hand for all sorts of projects, from trimming trees to cutting firewood. Just be sure to use it safely and follow all the manufacturer’s instructions.
  5. Dethatcher: Also known as a power rake, a dethatcher is a tool used to remove dead grass, moss, and other debris from your lawn. This can help improve the health of your lawn and make it look its best.
  6. Log Splitter: A log splitter can make the job easier if you have much firewood to chop. Just be sure to use it safely and follow all the manufacturer’s instructions.


These are just a few of the many tools you can rent up on Clink. So whether you’re working on a big project or need some extra help around the house, be sure to check out our selection of rental tools. You’ll be glad you did!

What’s CLINK?

Clink is a new and convenient way to rent tools in Florida, Michigan, Texas, and more. We offer a wide selection of tools for both home and commercial use. Whether you need a ladder for your next home project or a power washer for your business, we have you covered. Get our app – available on both Apple & Google Play Store!

And because we’re an online tool rental service, you can reserve your tool from the comfort of your own home. No more driving to the store and lugging around heavy equipment!

Want to know more about it? Here’s how it works!

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