6 Keys to being a great host on CLINK

By Published On: July 26, 2021

The CLINK mobile app was created to allow it’s Owners to maximize their profits in their tool and equipment investments. Proper management and maintenance can increase those profits and enhance your experience on CLINK. Take a look at these 6 Keys to being a great host on CLINK.

Key #1 – Maintain clean tools & equipment

rent on clinkKeep your items cleaned and maintained with excellence. There’s a phycological response that causes us to treat things better when they are pristine and well kept. If you don’t value your items then your renters won’t either.

Maintained items also breakdown less which allows them to be available more for rental requests. This also lowers the cost in major repairs that could have been avoided. In the event of damage from a renter, it’s easier to validate new damage on items that are cleaned and maintained.

Keeping your items clean and maintained you can prolong the life of your items, minimize extra repair costs, have better renter experiences, and generate better reviews which translate to more rentals. The two images of this John Deere 325 skid steer are right after it was returned from a week rental. It took 45 minutes for this owner to detail this unit and grease it for the next rental. It would have been operable without the maintenance, but it will give a far better experience for both the owner and the renter having had that 45 minute cleaning.

Key #2 – Communicate well

Be a great communicator. Renters want to know ALL of the pertinent details regarding their rentals. Make sure you respond quickly to rental requests and layout some key details right away. When you connect for the exchange of the item run them through proper use of the item. Don’t assume they know anything. Use phrasing like, “I like to over-communicate and not assume, so I will run you through this even though you probably already know how to…”

Key #3 – Exceed expectations

Go above and beyond a renters expectations. Renters expect to get an item that works like it was intended to. You can meet their bare minimum expectations by providing them an skid steer that runs like they expected and needed it to. You can go above their expectations by providing them a cooler of bottled water because it’s summer and 95 degrees. Little acts like these cost you very little and cause the renter to scratch their head and wonder if they have died and gone to heaven. Meeting the bare minimum expectation will get you a five star review. Going above and beyond gets you tips & frequent, repeat customers. Before a rental, ask yourself, “What is the renter expecting? How can I go above those expectations with a small act and WOW them?”

Key #4 – Respond to immediate rental requests

Be Johnny on the Spot, because, unfortunately, a lot of others aren’t. Contractors frequently are behind and need things last minute. We hear stories all the time of contractors calling at three, four, or later in the afternoon needing an item at 7am the next day. Being willing to do late afternoon or evening deliveries to satisfy these needs will guarantee money rolls into your bank account. Traditional rental shops can’t fulfill these request because they are subject to predetermined delivery schedules and inventory constraints. Your ability to be nimble and quick sets you apart from traditional rental offerings.

Key #5 – Tell others about CLINK

Grow the CLINK community. The more users and people talking about CLINK means more potential renters. If you see people on Facebook, Craigslist or out in the marketplace that are offering their items for others to rent, tell them about CLINK and how they can do the very same thing, but they can do it on a safe and secure platform that ensures they get paid by renters and compensated in the event their items are damaged.

If you know anyone that rents equipment let them know they can save 20% to 50% on rental rates compared to traditional brick and mortar shops. On top of this you can earn 10% of any of your referrals first rentals (as owners or renters). Sending invites is simple and can be done through the app. Take 10 minutes and send the invite to those in your contacts that you think would like to make extra money renting their items out or saving money on things they already rent.

Key #6 – Don’t be a dork

Don’t be a dork and make sure you’re on time. Most of the users on CLINK on contractors and have schedules they are trying to maintain. Not showing up on time can mean crews standing around idle costing the business owner valuable time and money. Anything you can do that can help make your renters more money on their jobs or make their projects run smoothly will leave a lasting impression and keep them coming back to rent from you.

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