Pre Rental Prep

By Published On: March 2, 2022

Thanks for your upcoming rental on CLINK powered by Jobbox where we endeavor to be your connection to a completed project.

It’s our aim to have the highest quality users and experience on CLINK so we wanted to give you a quick rundown on how to have a great rental.



First, understand that the item(s) you rented belong to an individual who is working hard to make a living. Return the rental better than you found it, not the same and definitely not worse.

Communicate often and clearly. Your Owner has a schedule and is most likely trying to balance between a lot of tasks throughout the week. The more heads up and communication your can give the Owner the better.

Ask questions. Be sure you understand the item you rented. Error on the side of asking too many questions and not enough. The Owners want you to be fully setup, because a successful rental for you means good a review for them and additional rentals in the future.

Take pre and post rental photos. Currently the app doesn’t support adding photos, but it is a feature that we are working on. For now we ask that you email these photos to The more pictures you take the better. We use these to verify the pre and post condition of the rentals. Label your email with your name and the item you rented.

Lastly, a little side note that may not apply, but we want to make sure everyone understands that our rental protection does not cover the cost to fix or replace tires on any items. If a tire is damaged during a rental it will be the responsibility of the Renter to pay this cost out of pocket. Dump trailer tires can get close to $300 to replace. Be mindful of where you’re driving and take care.



Keep your items cleaned and maintained with excellence. Others can tend to treat your items the way they perceive you treat them. Keeping items well cleaned and maintained also enhances safety which is a priority on CLINK.

Be a great communicator. It can be intimidating for a Renter to ask questions. Don’t assume they know anything about the item they are getting. Walk them through ALL the details they will need to know. Don’t be rushed at the time of hand off, but rather take your time with the Renter. This will translate to better reviews and more rentals for you.

Take a lot of pre and post rental photos and email them to We are adding a feature that will allow you to add photos directly into the app, but for now email them and label it with your name and item.

Be on time. There are often many things to juggle for a Renter on the day the exchange happens. Make sure you do your part and be early and ready for the exchange.

Create training videos on YouTube or social media that you can send your renters to on how to use the specific items you rent out. Use the hashtag #clinkrentals so that the video is easily referenced on whatever social platform you use.

You will have 24 hours after the item is returned to file a claim. Do a thorough check over your item once it’s returned to make sure it is functioning properly. If you need to file a claim you can do this through the app by clinking “Accept Return” and then clink Yes when it asks if there is Any new damage? Or, you can email or call us using the information below.

If either of you have any questions or need anything please email our team at or call (855) 529-7354.

Thanks for using CLINK!



CLINK Support Team

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